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February 17, 2004


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Hi all!

Very very good site! You are doing great job.



I Love you girls



Adrianne's decision to go on the VH1 reality show probally really hurt her career as a model--esp. since that show is supposed to be a reality show for has-beens. Why would you do that when your "career" hasn't even started yet!? Yoanna supossedly does a lot of runway stuff as opposed to print. Eva is said to be the most "exposed" of the group becasue allegedly she handles her own bookings. Where as other models have agents to sift through their projects, Eva supposedly does that herself and doesn't pass an opportunity. She's doing some fur campaign in Canada--which she was advised not to but is doing anyway because she want's to be exposed. She also had that show after ANTM (lol although did anyone ever watch it?) and has been featured in African-American magazines Suede and is on the cover of this month's Essence.


Naima is the bomb. I was rooting for her all the way.

Yo, I have to say that Brandy and Tiffany were two of my favorite. I liked them because they are like me. I tell it like it is. I don't care what anyone thinks. And that is how I am and Iam changing just like Tiffany did.
Tyra. I love Tyra. She is my rolemodel. She has passion and has a great style. She is a true model that knows how to walk the walk and talk the talk. When I first saw the show and knew that Tyra was the host I was like Yes. Tyra was so down to earth i could not believe it.


I think they only good winner was adriene the rest sucked.All three of them.Yoanna is so ugly.Eva is just dumb period.And Namia shes not very pretty but has a nice personality.I wish Sara,april or shandi on season two would have won.Norelle for season 3 or even ya ya would have been better.brittney,brita,or christina would have been way better choices for the 4 c'mon.Yoanna wont make it cause of her face the body is a big part of it man.Im a model if i had that much fat i wouldnt get any work.Eva has to much attitude for anyone to wanna work with her.Naima only has one look and thats an iffy the winners wont get far cause they dont really have that much to offer.there not that versitle either.Im getting sick of watching this show cause dumb people always win.


When I first heard of ATM...I was like cool, a reality show brought to us by industry professionals. The show is a joke to me.What I find tacky is that TYRA'S photos are plastered all over the place ( in the intro of the show, in all the final eliminations, shall I go on ). TYRA you are supposed to be looking for the next top model not reminding them of what you've done, where you have been, and how great you photograph. Your career speaks to itself...yet you were the one who constantly advised some of the past contestants on making sure they learned the meaning of humble....shouldn't you practice what you preach ? I really do think you should evaluate on what judges should be on the panel. I mean seriously Tyra, you are looking for AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL....not seventeen magazines fresh face. Therefor you should probably start pulling STEVEN MEISEL, KATIE FORD ( or which ever agency is the 1 that is giving the contract, should send there NEW FACES director ), any reps from COVER GIRL, or an editor from the magazine in which the model will be featured ( in which you did with MARIE CLAIRE, be consistent with it. ) I have yet to see EVA PIGFORD in ELLE shot by GILLES BENSIMON. How can you offer this to NAIMA in which EVA has yet to get ? Some of the challenges suck....but I guess it is all about reality TV. I mean who cares about how a girl conducts herself with french men to learn how to be a socialite in PARIS....the show is not "THE WORLD'S NEXT TOP SOCIALITE ". I am sooooooo sick of Janice Dickenson. She seems to forget how harsh FORD was to her when she went to see them when she first started. Eileen Ford made a rude comment in regards to her lips. Some advise Janice, you need to give these girls constructive critisim, not a cocky, bitchy attitude which oozes that you are all that. If you were all that, you would've not seen the knife more than a thankgiving turkey to perfect areas that reflect your insecurities. You should be an example that you are one of the first crop of Top Models who has made it thru this difficult industry. Go easy on them, help them, do not alienate them. Back to have a good idea, good enough for UPN to keep it on air...but come on. You have been in the buisness.....try to make the challenges as real and related to the industry. No shade against Jay, but you need to have more than one artist / art director on there. You should have different types of photographers in your show that showcase a variety....Like Stewart Shinning who can shot them very SI style, Fadil Berisha who is amazing @ Beauty, Craig McDean who is very edgey..very editorial, etc. You should also have the girls test in ADS like GUCCI, Roberto Cavalli,GUESS Jeans.... this is what you need to do to mold them in being a TOP MODEL. So far the shoots they do shots for are for the next big CATALOG QUEEN...excluding COVER GIRL Cosmetics. I give you 10's across the board for ending the final cut with Hot fashion shows, REAL shows @ that. I was not crazy about EVA'S fashion show, but I know she would have turned it in a D&G show or VERSACE..her as well as the other past winners and runner ups. 1 more thing, the shoot you shot in B&W of the first cycle was the most amazing shoot any of the models have done. It was more real, B&W, edgey yet gave it a PETER LINDBERGH style to it. Great eye. I hope all you have taken my constructive critism into thought. We all can learn from each other.

;o) Manny - Model/Photographer


I was so happy that Eva won, 4 ANTM. I literally cried 4 three days. She is like a romodel 2 me.


I have been gripped by Eva performance in Americas next Top Model, Congrats and every sucess to her for the future, she's a star



Eva was someone that I loved to hate. In the beginning I didn't like her because she made fun of the girl who was really skinny. What mostly upset me about that was that the girl seemed like someone who was really nice and Eva took advantage of that by laughing out loud and embarissing her in front of everyone like that. I guess what made me have a little bit of likeness left for her was that she was really beautiful. I loved her voice and how gitty she was. Another thing I disliked about her was how she talked behind Ann's back, Although it was only once and for a couple of seconds, that comment was dumb and made no sense. Because Ann was stare strucked from seeing Youanna, Eva was like "well it's nice to see her so amazed by her but Ann, your from so and so" Like where she came from really makes a dam differnce. Really people...what was the point of that comment. Any way, I am really am happy that she made it and I hope that she learned to have a little bit of modesty. And people please don't hate on her cause she's doing commercials. She is the first african american to win and she is getting notice by alot of people because of how loud she is phisically and vocally.

lady J

I think Adrienne being on the reality show "Surreal Life" is so tacky!!!! It's very similar to an actor doing a psychic network commercial!! Just SHAMELESS!!!


Tyra really has a wonderful personality and she's a career-driven woman. These are the 2 attributes that a real top model would have and if there is any kind of way i could audition for the show I WOULD! tyra has amazing grace and beauty. I admire this woman for that and I'm not gay but she's a beautiful person inside and on the tv!


I Love this show, I'm totally addicted, I love ANTM blogs too. you might want to check out this blog


i think tyra is doing great, being the first to encourage others is good enough for me. being in the show is a plus for these girls and tyra shld be encouraged.
she cant force any so called top photogragher/models etc who dont want to be part of the show so she has to make do of those willing which suits me just fine
big ups tyra


I have been trying just like you, to find pictures and ads of the winners of ANTM but I can´t find.
I like Adrianne and Yoanna, but I don't see much.
I know that Yoanna has just made the commercial for AQUADROPS.I am happy for her.
But I have to confess that looks like, that show is much more a SHOW, and of course self promotion than a real competition. I totally agree when u say the professionals are not that famous as tyra always says.
Everyboduy is a top photographer or a top designer, or a top fashion editor of a top fashion magazine.
Ok so where is Anne wintour? What about Cindy Crowford instead of Janice Dickson(Who I love but have NEVER heard until the show)? What about having Mario Testino and Carolina Herrera as judges?
Nigel Barker is NOT a top photographer! The best shoots he has ever done r the ones he made for the ANTM.
I like the show, but I think it is about Tyra and her good she is with marketing. She is beautifull , but so egocentric ...


iam intrested to became the next top model if you any clue how please email me back i will apriciate.


What ever happened to Elyse from the first show? I think she should've won.


i think the americas next top model show is great. im a fella, and im not GAY. Watching the show is addictive, over here in London im watching the one with Xiomara, Yoanna, April and Co. I was initially rooting for Camille, cause i felt she was being victimised for having a great personality. But after what she did to Yoanna, i was angry. I sort of felt like a father whose daughter had been naughty, but couldnt help but love her. I hope april wins, but that looks unlikely.

dante d.

i am a very big fan of americas next top model and i watched every episode too. i was watching tv and i heard that season 1 and 2 is comeing out on dvd on march 5th 2005 i wonted to know if any one els heard it and is i true


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o my god tyra the season finale was absoulutely breathtaking eva is whp i wanted to win all along she is so pretty and has a nice personality i wish i could chat with her well good luck eva i did so goo u go girl. love always charity c ya


does anyone know how to get eva from antm email address???????????????? I really need to chat with her seriously


i want eva to e mail me from antm #3,so we can chat i love her attitude.


i need someone to give eva from antm episode #3 my e-mail address so we can chat i am very interested in the show

Malika Al-Malik

I really enjoy watching ANTM. It giving people a chance who want to get into this business. It also shows different types of methods that many can learn from. I am 23 years old. I am very interested in trying out for the show myself. I have wanted to be a model for a long time. This show gives people the opportunity to reach for their dreams. I really love Tyra, she is a great role model and she keeps it real

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