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February 17, 2004



Wow! I really am addicted to this show and i must say that Yoanna was the right choice for the ANTM show..sure as hell i wouldn't have picked Camille!! Not in a million years. Why was she in that show? They should've eliminated her the first episode. God what a total bitch that one must've been for the other girls and the judges.Anyway,Tyra girl, you are doing an excellent job with the show.Through your hard work, creativity and dedication you will continue to rise. You are a strong woman, beautiful inside and out, and I look at you as my role model.I love you girl!

Katie L.

C'mon, let's face it. The reason why Adrienne (and I'm pretty sure it's spelled that way) hasn't had much success is because when it comes to finding celebrities, reality shows do not work. They may be famous while they are on the show, but once the show is over so are they. I think the best way to become a model is to approach an agency by yourself.
PS: I cannot believe that Yoanna won!! There were so many people who were better (in my opinion).


um...where can i go to read the recent news about adrianne? (and also her ad)


I think Adrianne Curry was and still is so amazingly beautiful. I think the lack of her success is due to this show being all about Tyra(which isnt too bad) instead of the girls. Season one got next to no advertising as I recall...and I don't believe Adrianne was pushed as hard by the network as Yoanna is. I presonally loved that girl...and I feel awful everytime I remember that Adrianne was trying to win this show for money for her amily...hath UPN no shame?

Sherry R.

OMG!! i love your show (americas next top model) i watch all and i mean all of the episodes. even all of the first season! Tyra. you are my idol! can you e-mail me because i have a couple questions


Chris DS

Dear Lena,

Saw your response in Matt's guestbook (via his "Adrianne Curry" website).

I posted my response in there. ;)

Figured it's more appropriate in that forum, as opposed to here in yours.. though you may freely copy what you'd like to list in your own pages.
(Of course.)



Matt Laker

Adrianne is doing better than a lot of people trying to get in the business has.

What she ment by "I have Revlon on the back burner" was that she is still going to do something with Revlon, but she is still waiting. She did do stuff with Revlon, sadly no ads, just convention work.

She has been in Marie Claire 3 times (US NOV03, US DEC03, SPANISH DEC03), InStyle (diamond ad), and has the diamond ad thing. Shes been on Half and Half twice, will be on Rock me baby on March 30th. She is in South Africa right now modeling. She has done Macy's work too, and kinis bikinis.

If you don't know people in the business than of course you wouldn't know the noted photographers, to be honest I DONT EVEN KNOW THEM! haha.

Her diamond ad is in a lot of diamond stores, Huge posters of her all over, stacks of brocures with her name face all over them.

Mark M

You said to come here and make comments so I am :) OK maybe I should type the comments instead of talking t o the computer screen. First of all its spelt "adrianne" :). I hope youve taken the time now you have found the guestbook I hope you have read some of _Adriannes_ posts and can see that it isnt just her looks that make her a beautiful person. Yeah I know I should be this sappy this early in the morning (it 7am here).
There ya go I posted and I didnt swear :). Actually after reading some of your other stuff you obviously have a good sense of humour some very funny stuff there and some scarey stuff ie the person finding your site looking for the works sex + itchy !! (I think they should be seeing a doctor not a search engine).

Anyway must drag my ass to work(Yeah its POETS day!!)
have a good one



oh, yes. i'm the same with this show; total addiction. makes me feel kinda smart when i sit and snigger at the stupidity of the contestants, plus, of course, the and-who-the-heck-is-that-factor of all participating judges and model whatevers.

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