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March 09, 2004



hi!this is my first time to post in this site.I was actually finding some stuff about elyse sewel....I was actually a bot disappointed with the finale of the 1st season of ANTM.I was betting on elyse but they say she was sooo smart and that makes people think she's arrogant. but definitely if she won she's definitely gonna rock the fashion world...adreinne not deserving for the title and i hope this next season the judges pick the right one..


Yes, i did find this site thru google looking for stuff on Adrienne! lol.


Hi there!
Stumbled across your site thru typepad. I must say, I too was a tad pissed about the "rememberance" episode of ANTM!!! I guess I'll take what I can get, though, since my other quality shows have gone off the air (My Big Obnoxious.... and Average Joe).

Nice site!

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