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March 18, 2004



I think it's really hilarious that people can post on the web and say that they are a star and people like you believe em! Come on girl! Yo9u may think Adrianne sucks, but I'm sure the life of a celebrity doesn't permit the time to post on stupid websites like that one. I've seen this kinda crap before, and it ends up always NOT being the person.

Chris DS

Dear Lena,

Hey, I only wished to bring your lovely site (and your view of ANTM (& Adrianne)) to the attention of those who post at Matt Laker's GB for Adrianne Curry.. Perhaps, it would be ME who's caused the upset.

Then again, I don't think enough people get the idea that opinions can be different, and everyone's entitled to their own.

I happen to support Adrianne as a model because she is different. She doesn't have to be all prissy etc. Her attitude definitely makes her stand out, and it's not necessarily that her uhm.. method of expressing herself makes her a bad person, but while you've expressed an opinion to which you are entitled (*breathe!*), I'd like to offer another:

Her posting -- if it is in fact hers -- is yet another opinion expressed. ..and I've yet to see any modelling contracts requiring any real major academic qualifications, so mentioning Rhodes Scholar - while amusing - only enhances existing stereotypes -- that models are basically thick as bricks.

I'd like to think there are more than just a few REALLY INTELLIGENT models out there. I do believe Cindy C can be counted among those, for example...

Anyway, I've ranted on long enough. Perhaps I should start my own blog...? =)



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