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April 27, 2004



Is that a fever blister or really ugly mole on the lip of the most gorgeous spouse of Colin Firth?? Egads!

You are right. He would fall madly in love with you on sight!

When are we moving to London?

God, I finally watched the extreme makeover show, not home, the body one. I now want massive plastic surgery and full time dermatology. I know it was supposed to be uplifting but it depressed the hell out of me.


Yes, David, Patty Griffin is fantastic. I heard about her when her first CD came out and 'Living With Ghosts' is now and forever shall be one of my favorite cds of all time. And she is awesome live.

Glad to see other fans!


I became a Patty Griffin fan after seeing her in Austin last year, she's an amazing songwriter with an equally amazing voice.

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