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April 25, 2004



Mmmmm. Comfort food.


As soon as I was allowed to come home I was able to eat 'real food' and not just liquids. Right now the rules I have are no meat and the food must be mushy... no chunks or serious lumps. I'm allowed saltines simply because once chewed they are practically liquid. Other than that, no bread or pasta or rice. And the more protein the better.

Bring on the recipes, sistah... I could use some help here.


Wow! That does sound like a good dinner! I thought you'd be on clear liquids for a lot longer time. That's awesome. And I gotta say: Splenda rules. I love it that it's in yogurt and juices now, because NutraSweet gives me a headache. I really hope there's a Splenda Coke soon. Or nirvana: Splenda Dr. Pepper. I've got to experiment more cooking with it, but I hear it works great. Maybe Splenda chocolate pudding.

What are your rules for food? And what are your desires? With all my cookbooks, I bet I could get together some great recipes for you.

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