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June 25, 2004



my brother and i both had shingles once. but the scarlet fever? wow. that's how mary went blind on little house on the prairie! serious stuff. feel better !


I'm so sorry your sick...and with "the fever". I had scabies once in college if it makes you feel any better, (and I wish I could say it was from someone coughing on my food!)Hope you are much better. I miss you madly!

Chef Shouty

We missed you tonight at Hedwig! I hope your redness is fading. Maybe next you'll get shingles, or become consumptive, or how 'bout some whooping cough? As long as you don't get male itch, you're probably gonna make it. Did you squirt Windex on it to see if that helped?



Aw! So sorry you're sick! :( I know you're contagious, but here's some E-hugs! I hope you feel better.


Scarlet fever seems like an appropriate illness for a viewing of Hedwig, but I guess it's contagiousness might be a bit of a problem. Anyway, here's sending some positive E-antibodies your way. Feel better!

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