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December 07, 2004



uh...memo to me: Remember never to get your hair fixed in Alabama. yikes!


Now you know why my wife travels to all her massage therapy continuing education classes.


Here's how it is smack dab in the buckle of the Bible Belt (AKA Oklahoma)...About a month ago, right before our ill-fated election, I went to a minor emergency clinic for a cold. When I filled out my forms, I was astonished to see the printed question, "Do you attend church?" Only worse was the moment when, after writing me a prescription for antibiotics, the doctor asked if he coul pray for me! Was he kidding?! I told him, "Only if we can pray that Kerry wins the election." No response...just a puzzled look.


Ok, point taken. You are correct. I suck for having complained. Being able to read two books was amazing and I am grateful and thankful for the ability to do so. HOWEVER, for those two days I felt much like you did while you were trying to eat at Jim n Nicks. I wanted to scream. So, I admit I am lucky to have read two books but those were the two most hideous days. I wouldn't wish them on anyone. Well, I take that back. There are a few people I would wish it on.

Have I mentioned how marvelous you are? And how amazing you are to do all that you do?


Horrible? Are you insane? Apparently, it's all in the perception. Clearly, you don't know how to appreciate the opportunity to read two (OH MY GOD! TWO!) books in two days. That is heaven, absolute heaven. Bring on the whole freakish assemblage. Every Hoochi-Mama, Korean manicurist/MANicurist, every Redneck hair-do Betty, all the Much-Cooler-Than-I'll-Ever-Be hairdressers, gay and straight--you can even bring the African American gentleman to lead me in a prayah, I'll jern him. Hell, if I was able to read two entire books, back to back, I'd even enjoy their company.

I do read your blog you know. Never, ever, belittle the opportunity for a two day stint of reading, regardless of the circumstances, in front of the mother of a toddler who works, goes to graduate school, and can't remember the last time she read a book just for fun. For God's sake, what were you thinking?

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