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June 21, 2005



Sorry, didn't mean to assume self-pity. I, too, am about to remove own uterus and throw it against a concrete wall. There's no way that could be more uncomfortable than this. Sorry I missed ovary talk at knitting last night. Fetal position with one eye open on Law & Order by 8:30.

On another note, damn you for exposing me to the map game. I've done it enough times to actually get mad because some states you can get close and they'll pop right in, but others won't. And if you get Colorado, Kansas, or Wyoming in the first 3 you might as well forget it. Or try to place PA without OH or NY first. Very hard. But so much fun. Best score was 98% within 5 miles. I will get 100% before the day is out. I will, I tell you. Work? What work?


Well, to be honest, the self-destruction thing wasn't so much about me as it was people I know and how frustrating it can be to watch a train wreck happen and not be able to stop it.

My mood was also due to someone's hurtful comment though I'm sure they didn't mean for it to be hurtful. Not consciously anyway, but they do alot of things unconsciously, as do we all. I'm just in a frustrated place where I know how everyone else should live their lives... I'm sure you are quite familiar with that feeling.

Thank you for being so incredibly sweet, as you always are. And how is the head injury? Did I scar you for life?


stroke stroke stroke
validate validate validate
You're reminding me of Milhouse's dad's album "Can You Spare a Feeling?"
I'm surprised you haven't felt the love from my new hair-do. Universally loved by all. As you are.
And just to remind you--writing such as yesterday's is proof positive what a fabulous writer/philosopher/counselor you are. Not to mention funny and beautiful and smart.
Don't be so-so. And don't continue the self-destruction with self-flagellation. I do bad things, then I feel bad so I do more bad things.
In the sage words of Jack Handey: The first step is to learn how to forgive yourself. Then say: Self, go ahead, do whatever you want, you're forgiven.

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