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October 28, 2006



"It seems despite the importance the BBC has put upon all staff getting to grips with social media, somebody within the BBC still doesn't quite respect the audience it is seeking," said The Media Blog.
-Swedish House Mafia One and Save the World
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Who or what is the "X-Factor"? Connetti writes,"The X-factor is Cain."
Now, they are stranded in Pittsfield in central Vermont, with no roads to get them out.
Of course, its all just political bluster. Romney may or may not be a better option than President Obama, but until "business as usual" ends in Washington, and not just as mere lip service from politicians, everything is going to be much the same too much spending, too much coddling of the American public, too much pandering to ones base, too much cronyism and corporatism and not enough good, old-fashioned hard work, capitalism and ingenuity. Fighting for Florida
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With the economy so fragile in its recovery, investor sentiment can change on a dime. We saw this last summer when not a single piece of good news could motivate equity investors to be buyers. Then, as if a switch had flipped, sentiment turned and it wasnt even during an earnings reporting season. Obviously, you can make money just buying the index during these major swings in sentiment. Now were at a point where its time for a break. Trading volume is low, not all the economic data are pointing to renewed growth, and some industry groups arent performing as well as others. If I had to describe the current trading action in stocks, Id say the market was experiencing choppy optimism with a side of general malaise.
The end stage of prostate cancer was a very big concern for doctors and scientists, because at this point, the patients body does not react to any treatment at all. For those prostate cancer patients, things are starting to get better and better. A new vaccine was discovered that can actually prologue the life of a person that suffers from the advanced state of prostate cancer. Studies have shown that the person that is given this vaccine will live almost five months more. Imagine how wonderful is that. Before there was no other option for prostate cancer patients that were found in this advanced state but to wait their death. Now, due to this vaccine against prostate cancer, things have changed.
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Those who have still failed to send their self assessment tax return three months after the cut off point will be punished by an additional penalty of ten pounds a day while it remains outstanding, up to a maximum of nine hundred pounds.
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Might be the NEA believes that all the myths whirling all over Rick Perry and how hes treated education as governor of Texas.
The goals of legislators is to have a basic framework for new regulatory legislation by April 2, when Obama will go to the G20 conference to discuss revamping the regulatory system that was largely adopted in the 1944 Bretton Woods conference. Said Senator Christopher Dodd, "Our intention is to try to get this thing done in the coming weeks and months." For his part, New York Senator Charles Schumer noted the importance of working together with other nations in putting together a new regulatory framework. Said Schumer, "In the financial world, if we were to legislate and Europe would do something totally different, it might undercut everything we do." President Obama promised a change when campaigning for his new role as leader of the free world, and made it clear that he didnt agree with the military policies of the previous administration. Well, now that change is coming, though not exactly in the form one may expect. The focus of many during the campaign was the Iraq war, which Obama always maintained was wrongly taking attention away from the more important theater of operations in Afghanistan. Now, Obama is planning to send thousands more troops to Afghanistan, which is in addition to the 17,000 that have already been ordered. Among the plans for the region is to offer assistance to Pakistan and to use a large cadre of military trainers to increase the effectiveness and size of the Afghan army.


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