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January 22, 2007



relax and wipe the foam from your mouth

Jess Kramer

Letter that was sent to Bark. I think there's something wrong with Schelling.

"As shocked as I am by the ignorance of the supposedly educated middle-class, Christopher
Schelling's ridiculous waste of print was a surprise in a magazine such as yours.

This ignorant man is a "publishing-industry veteran?" I shudder to think!

Apparently, Christopher is completely unaware that his dog came from a Puppy Mill!

As the middle class slowly becomes aware that pet shops sell puppy mill puppies, the millers
have turned to the internet to peddle their byproducts of cruelty.

(One reason being that, due to a loophole, online sellers do not have to get licensed and
inspected. Internet puppy dealers are the worst, the most cruel, of the lot)

The "daughter raising money for tuition by breeding the family dog" is a common con used by
these website dealers. As are empty claims of being "reputable," cute pictures of doggies in
little outfits, and posed photos with children. Or claims that the dogs are "home-raised."

Lies, all lies.
All designed to manipulate the gullible and ignorant.

These mills ship the puppies to the buyer because they do not want the public to see the
horrific cruelty that the dog was raised in- parent dogs caged outdoors either freezing or
boiling, lack of veterinary treatment, "euthanasia" of non-producing adults that is a toss
in the drowning tank or a bullet to the brain. Or worse.

Sick dogs. Defective dogs. Genetically flawed dogs (as Christopher's dog has proven to be- a
product of bad breeding. In other words, puppy mill breeding!)

One would think that Christopher and his "educated" friends would be a little suspicious of
internet claims.

But clearly the backwoods puppy millers know how to trick and fool the middle class.

And Christopher and his friends have supported this cruel industry.

I would think that Christopher would seek to educate by examining the online puppy mill
industry, and warning other dog-lovers of this terrible sham. But he seems more interested
in empty-headed "fluff" pieces like "The Dog Who Came Gift Wrapped," which is about as deep
and thoughtful as a junior-high school essay.

He seems completely unaware. Clueless.

Perhaps the staff of BARK is unaware of the internet puppy mill trade?

matter what charming stories they tell or claims they make or photos they send you.

NO reputable breeder would ship a dog to you sight unseen.

In fact, even many of those who will allow you to meet the puppy will arrange to meet you at
a location other than their kennel. They do not want to see the public to see the cruelty.
They know that if the buyer sees the kennel, it will be recognized as a puppy mill.

Please, can you publish work by intelligent people who actually care about dogs? The
cruelty, the abuse, the horrors will never stop for as long as the middle class lives in
wilfull ignorance and buys from these businesses.

There are so many websites that educate. Take a look at and Those are the types of places that Christopher's dog came

Read this consumer expose

!!Look at This woman has seen first hand the horrors of the puppy mill
trade. She knows all the cons, all the tricks. Why not ask Kim Townsend to write an article
for you on the internet puppy mill trade? (She also has started to
research the breeders involved in this trade)

I have been a longtime supporter of BARK. I have purchased gift subscriptions for friends,
relatives, schools, and public libraries.

But I cannot support a magazine that supports dog abuse. Even if it comes in cutesy, foolish
puff pieces like Schelling's.

And this article is like a billboard for encouraging abuse and ignorance."

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