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December 26, 2007



*>>ined the Scottish and English parliaments, but left Scotland her own legal system (and her Kirk). Politicians were drawn to London; lawyers stayed in Edinburgh, a resident aristocracy. Into this elite was born Henry Cockburn, in 1779. He is one of Scotland’s cherished characters.As a young lawyer he chose to be a Whig when€in the years after the French Revolution€even the gentlest Liberal was apt to be labeled Jacobin, and no Whi
*>>YS ofThe Christian Science MonitorWeekly Digital EditionYou're not alone. But that doesn't mean you won't have to wait a while longer to get your hands on an iPhone 4 in any shade other than black. Today, Apple reps announced a white iPhone 4 will not be released until the spring of 2011 € almost a full year after the launch of the black iPhone 4. We're sorry to disappoint customers waiting for the white iPhone again, Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller told Reuters. No reason for the delay was given. This isn't the first - scarpe chloe - Chloe Borse New Arrival - reebok easytone prezzi - Chloe borsa


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*>>ordered by President Grover Cleveland combined forces and dealt organized labor a lasting defeat.Still, the Homestead strike stands out as one of the most dramatic and bitter industrial conflicts of the era, a parable of the bewildering economic and political forces that were rapidly expanding corporate authority over American life. On one side were the skilled, relatively well-paid members of the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers, who had long-established rights as industrial craftsmen and a large degree of control at work. The Amalgamated also had the support of thousands of other Homestead worker
*>>ly of things already published in England€some of them published before that on the continent. The title piece, along with “Play” and “Words and Music,” was published in 1964 by Faber Faber; the other three pieces were published in 1967, two by Faber Faber, one by Calder Boyars. The seventy-nine pages of the present chrestomathy do indeed represent a convenient gathering of Samuel Beckett’ - Dsquared2 Men Hoodies - Tory burch shoes - Dsquared2 Short Beach;u=178310 - tory burch wallet


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*>>ravails involved in coping with daily power outages, such as setting up a bucket brigade to fill the family’s rooftop water tank. She offers a primer on how to react when you notice that soldiers are cordoning off your street:My aunt went into a tirade against raids, troops, and looting, then calmed down and decided that she wouldn’t hide her gold tonight: her daughter and I would wear it. I stood there with my mouth hanging open€who is to stop anyone from taking it off of us? Was she crazy? No, she wasn’t crazy. We would wear the necklaces, tucking them in under our shirts and the rest would go
*>>when they were adolescents, and that many other young girls of their acquaintance in both their countries read them.This certainly lends confirmation to Stefan Zweig’s international fame. It also suggests that stories like “Amok” and “Letter from an Unknown Woman” were peculiarly exciting to adolescents forty or fifty years ago. There is every reason why they should have been particularly so to the children - prada purse;u=436666 - prada purse;u=172482 - Cartier Glasses Full Rim - Prada Belts


*>>story, and yet they are not political poems in any conventional sense. They are too complex for any such reductive label. Here, for instance, is a poem Herbert wrote when he was fifteen about a couple making love as bombs fell on their heads:Economic Report of the Presidenttransmitted to the Congress, February 1982US Government Printing Office, 357 pp., $7.00 It is a relief to have at last an extensive officia
*>> such assertions, some outright falsehoods, some misleading, some cleverly tendentious, some quite possibly accurate, but all without supporting authority or any hint (unless we count a motive as a reason) of their derivation.One of Kristol’s favorite targets is “the intellectual,” whom he defines as a man “€with general authority about a subject on which he has no particular competence.” Intellectuals, among other things, never get their priorities right. They have an overoptimistic sense of human perfectibility or an underdeveloped sense of evil. They are given to “extreme dis - Chloe Paddington Satchel - chloe sale;u=231789 - Chloe Clothing;u=265778 - buy chloe


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*>> the Asia-Pacific research center at China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing, said the US’ proposals are meant to strengthen its trade advantages in the Pacific Rim and to cause developing countries and regions to become more dependent on its technology. Lu Jianren, an Asia-Pacific Research Center expert at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the arrangements will set a “very high standard” and the vast economic disparities that exist within the Asia-Pacific make it difficult to integrate the region as quickly as the US wants.“For example, developing economies usually have higher tariffs than developed
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*>> emphasizes the land-locked west.Kashgar, an ancient Silk Road town that borders Pakistan through the plateau of Pamirs, will become a regional logistics center, a financial and trading hub, and a key processing center for internationally traded goods, says He Yiming, head of Xinjiang regional government's commerce bureau. Horgos, a China-Kazakhstan border town, will focus on chemicals, farm products, machinery, pharmaceuticals, and renewable energy."The infrastructure will be essentially complete in five years, and the industries will take shape by 2020," He says.The central government has drawn up ten favorable polic
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*>>s core interests.Four, economic ties were highlighted by both countries. After 30 years of cooperation, profound changes have taken place in the economic and financial relations between China and the US, which make it possible to push bilateral cooperation forward. The Chinese government hopes the US can lift its embargo on its high-tech exports to China and better the investment environment for Chinese enterprises in the US. Biden said the US welcomes more investment form Chinese enterprises.Five, Biden's visit also boosted confidence in the world economy, which still faces many uncertainties. The US economy is recove


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ISLAMABAD, May 24 () -- The death toll of the U.S. drone strike launched early Thursday morning in Pakistan's northwest tribal area of North Waziristan has risen to 10, reported local Urdu TV channel Dunya.The target hit by the U.S. drones is a mosque instead of a house, said the report quoting local residents.Two missiles were fired at the mosque when people were leaving after early morning prayers, it said, adding that many of the killed and injured were civilians.The report also said that it was the first time that the U.S. drones targeted a mosque and the mosque was destroyed in the attack.Rescue work was delayed due to fear of more strikes as five U.S. drones were seen hovering over the area following the strike, said the report.Local state-run PTV also confirmed that a mosque was targeted by the U.S. drones, but it said that only nine people were killed in the strike.The mosque targeted by the U.S. drones was located in the Mir Ali area of North Waziristan, a tribal area bordering Afghanistan, which is believed to be a stronghold of militants who often launch the cross-border attacks on the U.S.-led NATO troops in Afghanistan.This is the second U.S. drone strike over the last two days.Early on Wednesday morning, well before 3:00 a.m. local time, U. S. drones fired two missiles at a house suspected of being a militants' hideout in Miranshah, a main town of North Waziristan, leaving five people killed and several others injured.Though most of the drone strike victims are believed to be militants, the U.S. drones do often mistakenly kill innocent people, causing a wide anti-U.S. sentiment among the local people.Despite the repeated calls by the Pakistani government to halt the drone strikes in its territory, the U.S. side has never stopped such attacks in Pakistan's northwest tribal areas bordering Afghanistan.Records kept by reveal that up to date, at least 108 people have been killed in such strikes since the beginning of this year.
KABUL, April 7 () -- Ten anti-government militants were killed and two others made captive in Helmand province, 555 km south of Afghan capital Kabul, on Friday, a press release of the provincial administration issued Saturday said."Ten insurgents including two commanders were killed and two others arrested in Sifoon area, Marjah district on Friday as the militants attacked poppy eradication campaign there," the press release added.According to the press release, the commanders killed in the firefight which lasted for a while include Shir Agha and Arpan, who were involved in anti-government activities and backing poppy cultivation in Helmand province.Another Taliban commander namely Mullah Salam sustained injuries in the conflict, it further said. The press release, did not say if there were any casualties on the security forces side.Taliban militants fighting Afghan and NATO-led forces have yet to make comment.Notorious for insurgency and growing poppy, Helmand has been regarded as the hotbed of Taliban militants in the southern region of Afghanistan. Special Report: Afghanistan Situation;u=418997 - ugg button boots - Ugg bailey - New UGG Bailey Button 5808 - Tory Burch Flip Flops


by Adam GonnJERUSALEM, July 1 () -- An estimated 10,000 people participated in a social justice demonstration in Tel Aviv on Saturday night.Together with smaller rallies in Jerusalem and Haifa, this was the largest protest in Israel so far this summer, but still they were relatively small compared to last year's, which saw as many as 300,000 people taking to the street.Saturday night's demonstration came after weeks of attempts by leaders of last summer's demonstration to rekindle the spirit. However, until Saturday their efforts had largely failed.Much of last year's focus was on the cost of living, which was symbolized by tent encampments established across the nation. But, when tents were put up last week along trendy Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv - the site of last year's main tent city - they were promptly removed by the municipality."The first time it was really exhilarating, people felt that they could voice their complaints and the democracy works quite well," Dr. Itzik Saporta of Tel Aviv University told on Sunday. Some 70 percent of Israelis support the goals of the protests, he argued."In the meantime, a lot of power in society, including the government, businesses and political parties started to meddle into the protests and some people felt that, although they want change, they don't feel as close to the protests as last year," said Saporta, an expert of organisational behavior with Recanati Business School's of Management.Prof. Shlomo Mizrahi of Ben-Gurion University of Negev said that while the situation now has moved beyond the question of raw numbers of participants, the strength of protests should be judged in terms of real pressure exerted on the government."The numbers aren't so important and they aren't clear indications of the power of the protests," Mizrahi said."You can measure it in types of demands, for example, if they demand that the prime minister should resign then you can see a political demand, which wasn't made in last year's protests," he added.Most of the requests last year focused on the problems of finding affordable housing, high prices of food and costs of child care, as protest leaders tried hard to stay out of party politics.SLOW CHANGEIn order to address the issues raised in last year's protests, the government established a committee which presented last September its recommendations, including measures to add more affordable housing, free education from age of three and more taxes on the wealthy.The government has approved the first two recommendations but so far it remains undecided on how to deal with the high concentration of control over Israel's economy.Saporta said that last year's demonstrations were like a newborn baby, something exciting, and this year it's something like "a process that (people) have to continue to achieve what you want to achieve.""Now people understand what it is to be involved in doing a protest. And inside the protests there are people that want different things, so there is also in some ways a competition within the protests," Saporta said.IN NEED OF PATIENCEUp until 1984, Israel was dominated by government-owned companies and unions. However, after a financial crisis in 1985, which saw record levels of inflation due to poor monetary policy, the government decided to implement a more market-oriented measures - a strategy that some of the protesters argue was the beginning of today's social and economic problems."There were changes but they weren't enough, and people have to understand that the changes that happened now were because of the protests and if you want more change you have to continue protesting," Saporta said.Patience, however, is not a common virtue in Israel, and Saporta said that one has to understand that it takes time to change the views of the people and to convince elites in the government and academia that the way how the society works has to be changed."In the long run, it's much more important to have 10,000 activists who take the protests seriously, than one single demonstration with 500,000 people," Saporta said.Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week decided to raise Israel's deficit ceiling to three percent of the Gross Domestic Production instead of the 1.5 percent that he originally called for. The increased debt level will allow the government to continue some of the reforms that it implemented following last year's protests, without having to raise taxes.Mizrahi believes that Netanyahu changed his stand after feeling the influence of protests."You can see that there is pressure and that they achieve things," he said.
KHARTOUM, March 22 () -- A high-level delegation of South Sudanese government on Thursday arrived in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum to deliver an invitation to the Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir to attend a summit in Juba, capital of South Sudan, scheduled on April 3.The delegation, which is led by Pagan Amum, head of South Sudan 's negotiating delegation to the Addis Ababa talks with Sudan, is scheduled to hold meetings with Sudanese officials to arrange for a forthcoming summit between al-Bashir and South Sudanese President Salva Kiir Mayardit, expected to be held in Juba.South Sudanese delegation's visit comes two days after the Sudanese army accused rebels in South Kordofan of planning a wide- range attack against Sudan, which is directly backed by South Sudan.Sudan and South Sudan on March 13 signed a framework agreement in Addis Ababa on demarcation of their border and adjustment of national status of the two countries' citizens including the four rights of movement, work, ownership and residence, while issues relating to the oil file and affiliation of Abyei area are still outstanding.Meanwhile, Sudan's ruling National Congress party (NCP) linked Sudanese president's visit to South Sudan with guarantees to be provided by South Sudanese government regarding the arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court (ICC) against al-Bashir.In this respect, Qotbi al-Mahdi, a leading NCP member, was reported by Khartoum dailies Thursday to have said that some South Sudanese leaders have international commitments regarding the ICC case, pointing out that some of them support trial of al-Bashir at The Hague."If there is no enough confidence and guarantees in this respect, al-Bashir will not go to the south," al-Mahdi said, adding that conditions of the security dialogue between the two sides should include that South Sudan must stop supporting the Darfur rebel movements and break the link with the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA)/northern sector.
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MOSCOW, April 28 () -- Russia on Saturday strongly condemned the latest series of terrorist activities in Syria, saying they ran counter to the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan's peace plan."Moscow roundly condemns the barbarous activities and expresses its sincere condolences to the families and friends of the victims, " the Russian Foreign Ministry said on its website, adding the organizers of these attacks should be found and brought to justice.The ministry said the terrorist attacks had an obvious purpose to undermine Annan's peace efforts in Syria.The Syrian opposition is attempting to aggravate the situation in the crisis-torn country and provoke violence even at the cost of innocent lives, according to the ministry.Russia called on the terrorist attacks in Syria "must be repelled decisively" and urged internal as well as external forces to follow the UN Security Council counter-terrorist resolutions so as not to support the terrorists.A string of bombings hit the Syrian capital of Damascus Friday, killing at least 11 people. The surge in violence dealt a tough blow to a peace plan brokered by Annan.Annan's six-point plan calls for the withdrawal of heavy weapons and troops from populated areas, a daily halt of fighting for the delivery of humanitarian aid and treatment of the injured, and talks between the government and opposition.The UN Security Council unanimously decided a week ago to approve the deployment to Syria of up to 300 unarmed UN military observers in order to monitor a fragile ceasefire between the Syrian government forces and armed opposition fighters.
By Marzia De GiuliMILAN, July 12 () -- Champion sprinter Usain Bolt has the potential to break his own world records at the upcoming London Olympics, but it would be quite a hard victory, former Olympic sprint champion Pietro Mennea told in an interview on Thursday.Mennea called himself "confident" that Bolt could repeat his success of four years ago at Beijing Olympics, where he won gold medals in 100m, 200m and 4X100m races.Bolt, who has three Olympic gold medals to his name, "is slightly ahead of all others," said the 1980 Olympic 100m gold medalist and longtime world 200m record-holder.However, Mennea said, it will be certainly more difficult now that the runner has a new rival, also a Jamaican national, Yohan Blake. "Therefore he cannot afford to do any minimum mistakes, which will make the competition even harder," he said.To make Bolt such a strong sprinter is his extraordinary figure, according to the Italian champion. "Just consider that I am 1.80 meters tall, while Bolt stands 1.96. There is a big difference of course, it is evident he is a predestined for great performances," he highlighted.Speaking of China's 110m hurdler Liu Xiang, Mennea said the Olympic medalist and world champion could pull off the same feat as in 2004 Athens Olympics.Liu has clearly showed his talent in the past games thus he could win the gold medal again, he said.However, after it overtook the United States to top the Olympic medal table four years ago, China should be able in the future to bring out a more "homogenously" competitive Olympic team, given the extraordinary potential of its 1.3-billion people, he noted.Mennea was convinced that creating a breeding ground for young talented athletes is fundamental for a country in order to be highly competitive in the Olympics.Jamaica has always brought out great sprinters, and today even more, he said. "Bolt is the country's greatest expression, and now Blake is coming out after becoming world champion last year at the Daegu World Championships."The outcome was especially due to the country's functioning recruitment system in schools where "a young champion cannot pass unnoticed," Mennea stressed adding "recruitment should be the starting point to put together a good group of athletes to work on."In fact, training is only a "successive phase" of secondary importance compared to recruitment of naturally talented people, he said.And despite many years have passed since he was competing in the 1970s and 1980s, the training methodologies of that times are still in the vanguard, Mennea noted."We were the first to study and test training methodologies that are still in use today," he said.But unfortunately, most of Italy's sports belong to military groups. "At the Beijing Olympics, for example, 75 percent of the Italian 27 medals were won by athletes from military groups," the champion pointed out.In his view, the main weak point in the Italian sports world is that "sporting organizations are filled with people of little value" therefore unable to cultivate young talents.He also added that not bidding for the 2020 Olympics was the right decision for Italy now reckoning with a dramatic economic crisis that has been underestimated for long time. Special Report: London Olympics 2012
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WELLINGTON, July 5 () -- New rules requiring New Zealand- listed firms to detail how many women directors and senior officers they have received mixed responses from women's representatives Thursday.NZX, the company running the New Zealand stock exchange, announced late Wednesday that it would introduce the new rules from next year, subject to Financial Markets Authority approval.The rule, introduced after a consultation process with listed firms earlier this year, would apply to annual reports for all NZX Main Board listed companies."There is credible research based evidence which suggests that diversity - and gender diversity in particular at both board and senior management level contributes to improved performance," said a statement from NZX.The diversity rule would require firms to provide a breakdown of the gender composition of their directors and officers, and give an evaluation of their performance with respect to formal diversity policy they might have.The Ministry of Women's Affairs Thursday described the new rule as a "ground breaking step."However, the National Council of Women of New Zealand (NCWNZ), the country's largest women's organization promoting equality, said that while it welcomed the new requirements, it was disappointed they were "a watered down version of the original proposals."The NCWNZ had proposed that listed companies be required to provide a breakdown of the gender composition of their board, senior management team and any subsidiary board, and be required to have a diversity policy, but NZX had "stopped well short of this," NCWNZ president Elizabeth Bang said in a statement.Last month, the government threw its support behind a new organization, the 25 Percent Group, to promote the goal of having women hold 25 percent of directorships and executive positions in the country's businesses by 2015.The group of prominent board chairs, chief executives and directors, representing private, listed and multinational companies, aimed to encourage companies to think about the range of experience and perspectives they needed in their leadership and to seek out more women.At present women hold 9.3 percent of private sector directorships in New Zealand. The majority of NZX's top 100 companies have no female directors and women account for 21 percent of management positions reporting directly to chief executives, according to the Ministry of Women's Affairs.
MANILA, Feb. 29 () -- The Philippine government has deferred the issuance of new mining policies pending "additional" consultations to ensure its acceptability to stakeholders, Philippine Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr. said Wednesday.Ochoa made the statement in response to queries about the executive order on comprehensive guidelines for mining in the country, which was supposed to have been finalized Wednesday.He said that the government is aware that there is much concern regarding government policies currently being studied to address the various mining issues in the country."We are at present conducting additional consultations with industry stakeholders so we can adopt directives that take into consideration the interests of all those affected by the mining industryespecially the communities directly affected by mining operationsconsistent with existing laws, regulations and strict environmental standards," he said.Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda said in a news briefing that while the president's deadline was not met, a final executive order is being ironed out "taking into mind the considerations of the stakeholders.""It's something we know will affect investments in the mining industry. So that really has to be carried out very, very carefully," he said.The results of a recent survey conducted by Vancouver-based think-tank Fraser Institute has deemed the Philippines as the sixth least attractive place in the world for mining investments among 93 areas covered by the survey.;u=188138 - Toronto Blue Jays Caps;u=193115 - Mlb authentic jerseys;u=257506 - zimn铆 boty puma - Gucci 2012


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By Sportswriters Gong Bing and Cai YongjunBEIJING, July 3 () -- The founder of an all-mighty Chinese soccer club in the 1990s who quitted the game in disgust in 2000, announced their return on Sunday with a half-billion-yuan (77 million US dollars) program to save China's struggling soccer.The real estate giant Dalian Wanda, which pulled out of Chinese soccer in protest against a corrupted game 11 years ago, came to the rescue of the embattled sport that has witnessed two former soccer chiefs behind the bars and the top league without title sponsor.Wanda's three-year deal with the Chinese Football Association (CFA), signed in the Beijing Institute of Technology on Sunday afternoon, covers the company's sponsorship of the Chinese Super League (CSL), Chinese youth league, and referee training and assessment.It also includes an overseas program for teenage players, or "Future Star Program", and the hiring of a world-class foreign coach for the Chinese national team.Wanda, whose team had set a 55-game unbeaten record and won the Chinese top league four times between 1994 and 1998, decided to withdraw from the Chinese league after controversially losing the 1998 CFA Cup semifinal to Liaoning. Two years later, Wanda sold their shares to Dalian Shide.Wanda president Wang Jianlin, who had vowed never to have anything to do with Chinese soccer, said that his passion for the game had never died out."My love for soccer is still burning," he said.Wang noted that the Chinese people love the "Beautiful Game" and they are eagerly expecting better performance by Chinese players."I want to do something to help the Chinese people realize their dreams," he said.Wang said a top Chinese official had met him in person, encouraging him to return to Chinese soccer.Cai Zhenhua, a vice sports minister who oversees soccer, said at the signing ceremony that the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and the State Council "pay great attention to Chinese soccer" and it is a sacred responsibility to raise the level of the game in China.Wanda, whose assets are estimated at 140 billion yuan (21.7 billion US dollars) through its ventures in commercial properties, luxury hotels, chain stores and tourism, became the title sponsor of the league in the name of "Dalian Wanda Plaza CSL" from this season to 2013.China's troubled Super League kicked off on April 1 without a title sponsor or a national TV deal, and with senior officials still facing trial over a corruption scandal.Former Chinese soccer chief Nan Yong was arrested in January 2010 along with other association officials after a cabinet-level investigation into bribery, match-fixing and illegal gambling in the sport.Also arrested and facing trial is Nan's predecessor Xie Yalong, and scores of other leading club and association officials and referees.The outspoken Wang had played an important role in Chinese soccer from 1994 to 1998, when he helped build Dalian Wanda into a powerhouse in the Jia-A League, China's top-tier league which evolved into the Chinese Super League in 2004.Wanda will also sponsor the Chinese youth league including groups of U19, U17, U15, U13 all in the name of "Dalian Wanda Plaza".The agreement also involves the "Future Star Program" that will send 20 young players every year to Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands.Wanda will invite FIFA trainers and launch workshops to train and evaluate Chinese referees.According to the agreement, the CFA will raise a referee's payment from 2,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan per game.Wanda has promised to sponsor a world-class coach for the Chinese national team with no less than 40 million yuan per year.It was reported that CFA had contacted with Italian Marcello Lippi, Dutchmen Frank Rijkaard and Leo Beenhakker and German Jurgen Klinsmann.The new coach will reportedly take over the national team before the third round of World Cup qualification in September. But the CFA refused to verify the reports.
John KwobaNAIROBI, Nov. 16 () -- Former world marathon record holder Paul Tergat on Tuesday termed Haile Gebrselassie's decision to rescind his retirement from athletics as the best for the sport.Tergat has been Gebrselassie's bitter friend that they sat side-by-side prior to the race in New York marathon race fielding questions from journalists."Legends of any sport do not retire; instead they fade off the stage graciously and continue working in the disciplines they know best. Where can Haile go to, we all love him and it is best he stays in athletics for longer," said Tergat."The presence of Haile in athletics is big and it is still required, to inspire and guide the younger people."Tergat said he too was surprised by the sudden announcement by his greatest friend to throw in the towel, moments after he had bet on him to win the race."Haile Gebrselassie has done everything in the sport except win a marathon with stiff competition," said Tergat prior to the start of New York marathon.Tergat said then that what Gebrselassie needed in his career was a win before "millions" in New York. "He has achieved everything - and what is missing is New York," said Tergat."Winning New York is like the ultimate test for any marathoner. I have raced there and I know, it is one of the hardest marathons in the world and I still say, he needs to win it."Tergat, 42, said for any athlete of repute winning a race like the New York marathon was the ultimate test because of its hills and turns.He noted that after he regains his fitness, Gebrselassie will be a force to reckon as he prepares for London 2012 Olympics.The two friends turn out arguable as the fiercest rivals both on track and in marathon. At the Atlanta Olympics Games in 1996, Gebrselassie was the reigning world record holder at 10,000m and the twice defending world champion.His main rival was cross-country champion Paul Tergat. The two men dominated the final with Gebrselassie winning dramatically by just six metres.This tense rivalry was repeated in Sydney 2000, when Gebrselassie sensationally took gold with his very last stride beating Tergat by only 0.09 seconds, closer than the winning margin in the men's 100 metre dash.On Monday Gebrselassie, the 37-year-old Ethiopian distance, confirmed he had changed his mind over retirement.Gebrselassie won four straight 10,000 metres world titles 1993 in Stuttgart and won Olympic gold over the distance 1996 in Atlanta and 2000 in Sydney.The diminutive runner was a world record holder over 5,000m and 10,000m and officially ended his track career with a 10,000m bronze at the 2003 worlds.However, he returned to come sixth at the 2008 Olympics after not running the marathon due to pollution concerns.Moving on full-time to the classic 42.195km marathon he first contested in 2002, Gebrselassie claimed the world record 2007 in Berlin and bettered it there the following year to 2 hours 3 minutes 59 seconds.Tergat said he knew Gebrselassie was acting out of rage for both his knee injury and failure by him to win the race."I saw how hurt he was. He rescheduled his flight and left New York immediately. I knew he could turn around and rescind the decision after he had relaxed and am happy he just did that," said Tergat.At 42 Tergat has not even thought of retiring and will continue working in a discipline he said he enjoys so much."Deep down, when he is all alone sitting by the fire, Haile must realize he dropped one of the biggest clingers of his running career," said Tergat.
BAMAKO, April 20 () -- Mali's junta says it has released 22 civilian and military personnel arrested on the night of April 16, in response to mounting pressure from the international community to set them free.The release was announced Thursday night in a statement by the National Committee for the Redressment of Democracy and Restoration of the State (CNRDRE), which seized power in the March 22 coup and handed over power to an interim government under an agreement with the West African bloc ECOWAS.The released personnel include 11 military officers and 11 civilians.Earlier Thursday, Mali's lawmakers held an ordinary session and strongly condemned the wave of arrests despite the handover of power by the junta."Parliament wishes to condemn the arbitrary arrest of parliamentarians and civilians as well as military personalities," according to a parliamentary resolution read by Me Hamidou Diabate of the PARENA party and the leader of the United Front for Safeguarding Democracy and the Republic (FDR).During the same sitting, the deputies adopted another resolution condemning the proclamation of creation of a so-called Azawad state in the north of the country by the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA), the organization of separatist Tuareg rebels.The members of parliament termed as "null and void" the declaration of Azawad's independence and reaffirmed that Mali is independent, sovereign and indivisible.Meanwhile, the lawmakers asked the Malian people not to mistake the people of Tuareg community with the rebels.In another development, Mali's western neighbor Senegal says the ousted president, Amadou Toumani Toure, was flown in on Thursday.Sources of the Senegalese presidential office disclosed that Toure and his family aboard a special plane from Senegal arrived in the capital Dakar. Toure's destination was not revealed.Toure was toppled one month ahead of the expiry of his mandate by U.S.-trained military officers, who justified their takeover by denouncing Toure's failure to deal with Tuareg rebels.The rebels, however, took advantage of the coup to sweep through the northern part, larger than France, and declared an independent Azawad state only weeks after the junta seized power.Reports from neighboring Mauritania said Mali's south-based government and northern rebels recently held talks over a solution. The rebels allegedly mentioned a federation in the negotiations.
SANAA, Jan. 4 () -- The Yemeni Interior Ministry arrested 84 wanted men, including al-Qaida operatives during the past year, the Defense Ministry's website said Wednesday.It said the arrested were among the most wanted list of Yemen, which contains 317 suspects who were accused of sabotaging oil pipelines and electricity grids as well as al-Qaida-related terrorist attacks."The Interior Ministry distributed the wanted list, which included the name and photograph of the suspects, to all security apparatuses and checkpoints across the country to bring them to justice," read the statement."Such efforts resulted in the arrest of 84 wanted men, as the process of pursuing the rest of the fugitives, including al-Qaida prisoners who broke jail in southeast province of Hadramout in June 2011, is ongoing," it added.Yemen has been in the grip of security deterioration, severe economic crisis due to increasing terrorist activities and attacks on security apparatus, key oil pipelines and electricity supplies during the months-long unrest last year.The new coalition government, which was formed on Dec. 7 last year under a Gulf-brokered power transfer deal, pledged to improve security and economic situation and continue combating terrorists.
YANGON, March 13 () -- A 140-strong South Korean business delegation comprising 85 private companies will visit Myanmar early next month to seek investment opportunities in the country, according to Dr. PARK, Chulho, Commercial Attache at Commercial Section of Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) Tuesday.The delegation's visit, scheduled for the first week of April, is aimed at enhancing business relationship with Myanmar. During the visit, the delegation is to meet Myanmar counterparts for discussions on promoting economic cooperation including trade and investment, Park said.Park disclosed that the delegation, which includes big conglomerates such as Samsung, Daewoo and Posco Steel companies, will visit Nay Pyi Taw to meet Myanmar economic officials.Daewoo company has invested 2.2 billion U.S. dollars in gas exploration in Myanmar, he added.The South Korean companies, which also include automobile manufacturers, are expected to inject investment into sectors where many human resources are needed.Some South Korean entrepreneurs hold that they want to put a first hand into the Myanmar market in the light of Myanmar's recent political and economic reforms after the new government took office on March 30, 2011.Meanwhile, bilateral trade between Myanmar and South Korea reached 970 million U.S. dollars in 2011, Park said.Of the total, South Korea's export to Myanmar amounted to 660 million U.S. dollars, while its import from Myanmar stood at 300 million dollars.South Korea mainly imports from Myanmar garment, textile, forestry products, agriculture and marine products while exporting to Myanmar construction materials, machines, iron and steel.South Korea's investment in Myanmar hit 2.9 billion U.S. dollars as of January, 2012 in 48 projects since Myanmar opened to foreign investment in late 1988, according to official statistics.
SHENYANG, July 3 () -- Senior official of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Li Changchun has called for greater efforts to accelerate economic transformation in northeast China's old industrial bases during his trip to Liaoning province from last Friday to Tuesday.Li, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, encouraged enterprises in the industrial base to foster modern management systems and increase input in research and development to sharpen their competitive edge both in the domestic and international market.While touring the Huachen Auto Group, Li said the company should place emphasis on innovation to build its brand "Zhonghua" into a recognized name that can represent China worldwide.Li also made tours of several privately-owned enterprises. He urged them to better their cultural environment to attract more professionals to spur sound development in the private sector.Hailing the remarkable progress made in the old industrial bases after the government implemented a strategy to regenerate the regions, Li expressed hope that the areas could make a bigger contribution to China's efforts in structural adjustment and industrial upgrading. - NHL all star jerseys - Nike NFL Jerseys;u=226409 - Tory Burch - Nike NFL Jerseys


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Officials attend the Fifth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Beijing, capital of China, July 19, 2012. The Fifth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) opened here on Thursday, as Chinese and African leaders gathered to discuss measures to deepen China-Africa ties. (/Wang Ye)BEIJING, July 19 () -- The Fifth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) opened here on Thursday, as Chinese and African leaders gathered to discuss measures to deepen China-Africa ties.When addressing the opening ceremony, Chinese President Hu Jintao proposed a series of new measures in five priority areas to boost the China-Africa ties."In the next three years, the Chinese government will take measures in the following five priority areas to support the cause of peace and development in Africa and boost a new type of China-Africa strategic partnership," said Hu.The Chinese side will expand cooperation in investment and financing to support sustainable development in Africa. China will provide 20 billion U.S. dollars of credit line to African countries to assist them in developing infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing, and small and medium-sized enterprises.China will build more agricultural technology demonstration centers as necessary to help African countries increase production capacity. It will implement the "African Talents Program" to train 30,000 personnel in various sectors for Africa, offer 18,000 government scholarships, and build cultural and vocational skills training facilities in African countries.China will also help African countries enhance capacity building in meteorological infrastructure and forest protection and management, and will continue to carry out well-drilling and water supply projects in Africa to provide safe drinking water for the African people.In addition, the Chinese side will support the African integration process and help Africa enhance capacity for overall development. It will establish a partnership with Africa on transnational and trans-regional infrastructure development, support related project planning and feasibility studies and encourage established Chinese companies and financial institutions to take part in transnational and trans-regional infrastructural development in Africa.The Chinese side will also enhance people-to-people friendship to lay a solid foundation of public support for enhancing China-Africa common development. China proposes to carry out "China-Africa people-to-people friendship action" to support and promote exchanges and cooperation between people's organizations, women and youth of the two sides.According to Hu, China will also launch the "Initiative on China-Africa Cooperative Partnership for Peace and Security", deepen cooperation with the African Union (AU) and African countries in peace and security in Africa, provide financial support for the AU peace-keeping missions in Africa and the development for the African Standby Force, and train more officials in peace and security affairs and peace-keepers for the AU.According to Hu, important progress has been made in realizing China-Africa new type of strategic partnership, thanks to the joint efforts of both sides.He said China and Africa should strengthen political mutual trust and expand practical cooperation in order to open up new prospects for China-Africa partnership.The ministerial conference is being held in the Chinese capital on Thursday and Friday, bringing together heads of state and government, foreign ministers and ministers for foreign economic cooperation from China and 50 African countries, as well as representatives from the AU.In his congratulations to the opening of the conference, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi hailed China's contribution to Africa's regional integration process."China's role in supporting Africa's efforts aiming at achieving regional integration is now evident through its involvement in the development of infrastructure, energy and communication sectors, as well as its contribution to the maintenance of peace and security," Morsi said in his congratulations, which were read by Presidential Envoy Mohamed Kamel Amr at Thursday's opening ceremony."The marginalization of the African continent should no longer be accepted," he noted, saying that the FOCAC has and will continue to support the notion that Africa should effectively contribute to laying a just foundation for new international political, economic and financial orders.South Africa's President Jacob Zuma said during the opening ceremony that Africa is ready to leverage on the existing China-Africa partnerships such as the FOCAC to fast-track Africa's developmental agenda.Zuma said growth and investment opportunities in sectors such as infrastructure development, green technology and agriculture are certainly on the rise, noting that Africa has become one of the fastest growing continents and the next growth pole whose growth will continue in an upward trend for years to come.Addressing the ceremony, current AU Chairperson and Benin President Boni Yayi said Africa hopes to strengthen the win-win partnership with China, and jointly explore rich resources in Africa.Africa's population will likely hit 2 billion by 2050, which will pose challenges to its education, hygiene, energy and food security, said Yayi.Meanwhile, Africa has rich untapped resources, which has endowed the continent great growth potential, he added. He also said Africa welcomes more Chinese companies to invest in the continent.United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who also addressed the opening ceremony, said the UN has for years strongly advocated South-South cooperation.He said the deepening partnership between China and Africa is creating opportunities for African countries to diversify their economies, create jobs, and improve health care and education, while contributing to the world economy at a time when traditional drivers are in economic downturn.Ban said the forum should continue to make deeper inroads against poverty, strengthen African capacity and build green economies.The FOCAC is a collective consultation and dialogue mechanism between China and African countries launched in 2000.The main agenda of the two-day ministerial conference is to review the implementation of follow-up activities from the fourth ministerial conference of the FOCAC in 2009. The conference also plans to examine and adopt the "Beijing Declaration" and "Beijing Action Plan (2013-2015)" to define new cooperative programs to be undertaken over the next three years.? 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
TORONTO, April 5 () -- The Canadian stock market was lower for a third day on Thursday as a fresh round of concerns over Europe's debt crisis continued to dampen investors' sentiment, outweighing positive reports on the job markets in the U.S. and Canada.The SP/TSX Composite Index lost 75.55 points, or 0.62 percent, at 12,103.04 led by falling energy and financial stocks while the SP/TSX Venture Composite Index was down 18.10 points, or 1.21 percent, at 1,481.04.Commodity prices and resource stocks recovered some of the previous losses in early this week but the gold sector was down as Barrick Gold Corp. faded 1.58 percent to 40.51 Canadian dollars while Goldcorp Inc. declined 38 Canadian cents to 40.60 Canadian dollars.In the metals and mining sector, one of the few bright spots on Thursday, Lundin Mining Corp. shares increased 3.5 percent to 4.41 Canadian dollars. First Quantum Minerals Ltd. shares gained 7.1 percent to 19.69 Canadian dollars.Financial stocks, however, slid with shares of Canada's big- five banks falling. Shares of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce dropped 1.3 percent to 75.40 Canadian dollars. Toronto-Dominion Bank shares were down 0.4 percent to 83.33 Canadian dollars.In the energy sector, shares of Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. decreased 2.9 percent to 31.77 Canadian dollars. Suncor Energy Inc. shares dropped 2.6 percent to 30.45 Canadian dollars.Economically speaking, the U.S. initial jobless claims for the week ended March 31 totaled 357,000, the government reported before Thursday's open, compared with analysts' expectations of 355,000. Looking ahead, the U.S. Labor Department is scheduled to release the latest update on job growth and the unemployment rate on Friday morning. Economists expect that report to show employers added 200,000 jobs in March and the unemployment rate fell to 8.2 percent. In February, the economy added 227,000 jobs.Elsewhere, Canada's jobs number soared in March, with 82,000 new jobs created, most of them full-time, while the jobless rate fell two-10ths of a percentage point to 7.2 percent. Statistics Canada also reported that building permits rose 7.5 percent to 6.5 billion Canadian dollars in February, following an 11.4 percent decline in January.On the currency front, the Canadian dollar picked up 0.27 of a U.S. cent to 100.68 U.S. cents. One U.S. dollar was buying 0.9932 Canadian dollars at 5 p.m. local time (2200 GMT) on Thursday, compared with one U.S. dollar purchasing 0.9962 Canadian dollars on Wednesday.;u=14665 - Replica ray ban sunglasses - dior sunglasses - - louis vuitton sunglasses


No cause of action existed under Florida's Wrongful Death Act for the alleged negligence in failing to diagnose lung cancer by a chiropractor who was treating the deceased for back and other pain even though medical evidence indicated that had deceased received proper treatment he would have lived six or eight months longer; if a cause of action existed it was under the survival statute, Fla. Stat. ch. 46.021. Tappan v. Florida Med. Ctr., 488 So.2d 630, 1986 Fla. App. LEXIS 7828 (May 14, 1986). Criminal Law & Procedure : Criminal Offenses : Property Crimes : Larceny & Theft : General Overview Governments : Legislation : Interpretation
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