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October 01, 2008



That person sounds like Narcissistic Personality Disorder - attention seeking, played out in public, a very "me-me-me" selfish type of disease, not to far from anorexia /bulimia. I have found that people with this type of disorder are merely takers, energy vacuums that can't be part of a supportive and mutually beneficial relationship/support system.

You are right - that person has no intention of improving. They were damaged, probably in childhood, and now feel entitled to extract payment or inflict abuse on others, and play it out on a public stage.

A note about finding your style. You can change them too, don't worry too much defining an abstract concept. It's not real.


I agree with the latter, concentrate on yourself, your friends and the positive things surrounding you. Life is too short and complicated for the most part to align with anyone that brings negativity to your world. I steer clear of such. Lord knows I can get down on myself or my world without anyone's help!

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